Composition Super Spiritual Material Z
Power Source Human will
Pilot Koji Kabuto
Notable moves Rocket Punch, Breast Fire, Mazinger Blade
Z (also called the Mazinger Z and the Armor of God) is a helmet created by Koji Kabuto's father in MazinSaga. Unlike its namesake, Z is actually human-sized partly organic armor that can only be worn by Koji instead of a giant robot, it also appears to be semi-sentient.


Normally in its helmet-like form, Z resembles the redesigned Mazinger from the Mazinger USA manga from the chin up. When fully transformed when worn, it resembles a half-organic half-mechancial version of its original counterpart but colored all blue instead of black and white. It is also decorated with several orbs and spikes around its body. The chest plate is still colored red and Z is adorned with a cape that can change into wings. When Koji's anger reaches a critical point, Z's color changes to black and becomes a demonic version of itself.


Z was created by Koji's father, but before it could be properly researched, he died in a mysterious accident. Koji found the helmet and put it on, but Z's power overwhelmed him and went on a rampage; causing Earth's civilization to collapse and become uninhabitable. Within Z's subconsciousness, Koji is freed by his father's spirit and is transported to the colonized Mars. Z then becomes less hostile and Koji uses it to fight any threats to Mars.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Z possesses unknown amounts of potential and holds weapons and powers similar to its mainstream counterparts. Like the original Mazinger Z, Z is able to use Rocket Punches and use the Breast Fire attack. It also uses the Mazinger Blade of the Great Mazinger. One of its most powerful attacks is the Koshiryoku Beam, which compared to the original Mazinger is much more powerful, able to penetrate the atmosphere of the planet and travel into space with great force. The red cape adorned on Z's back can also change into wings to allow it to fly. When the need arises, Z can grow to gigantic size to fight threats like the Bio-Beasts. It can also hold other people's souls such as Koji's father and allow its user to peer into the past lives of others.


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