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Composition Unknown
Power Source Generic Power Reactor
Pilot Scarlet Hibiki (formerly),

Tsubasa Yuki

Wingle (ウイングル) is a female support robot for the Mazinkaiser SKL. Originally it was piloted by Scarlet Hibiki, but after her death it was piloted by Tsubasa Yuki.


Wingle's design came from the Minerva X from Mazinger Angels (more specifically its Sirene mode). To fit with the more demonic theme of the SKL, the original design was modified to resemble Devilman Lady, the primary character of the manga and anime of the same name.


How and where the Wingle came from is unknown, but due to the fact it is a support robot for the kaiser, it can be assumed that it was created alongside of it. It came under the control of the Skull Force, where it was used by the Gren Falcon Squad to support the Death Caprice Squad and the Kaiser.

Abilities and Weapons[]

The Wingle is very powerful in close combat, armed with detachable blades on the forearms that can be attached to the heels or thrown as a boomerang. The left breast also contains a lance that can discharge energy at enemies and vibrate at an ultra high frequency. It can fly at very high speeds and launch the Wing Cross on its head to the SKL in order for the kaiser to access its full power.


Lady Falcon[]

Machine dtl falcon.jpg

The hovercraft command center of the Wingle. It is capable of travel on land, sea, or air.