Venus A
Composition Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy Engine
Pilot Sayaka Yumi

Venus A (ビューナスA) is Sayaka Yumi's second robot after the Aphrodite A was destroyed. Much like its manga counterpart, it was designed after Sayaka from the three scientists.


The Venus A is modeled after Sayaka Yumi sporting a white and red color scheme with yellow accessories. It's 'hair' is colored brown and features thrusters at the bottom. The face is very human-like and is colored similar to human flesh. The top of the head features a stealth jet-like Pilder that when attached resembles a hat.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

Compared to the Aphrodite, Venus A is constructed by Super Alloy Z instead of Alloy Z giving the robot greater defensive strength and density. It is able to fly through the thrusters on its 'hair'. It weapons include:

  • Z Cutter: A pair of Super Alloy Z blades attached to the forearms. They can be used for close range and for distance through remote controls.
  • Koshiryoku Beam: A beam of Photonic Energy fired from the antenna.


After the Aphrodite A was destroyed when the Saluud exploded, the three scientists worked on a new and more powerful robot for Sayaka. The three scientists used pictures of Sayaka as models, something Sayaka and Koji were irritated about (that is until Koji joined in the photography). When Mechanical Beasts start to attack the Venus and Mazinger Army are dispatched to destroyed them. Venus manages to take out a few Beasts before facing the Baron Ashura Mechanical Beast. When it seemed that Venus cut the robot in half, the Mechanical Beast attacked it with a powerful electric shock.

The Venus was recovered from the battlefield and placed under repairs before being sent out again to fight the approaching Mechanical Beasts. Sayaka would battle the lieutenants Viscount Pygman and Count Brocken with the Venus, getting targetted or restrained until given help. As Bardos approached, Dr. Hell unleashed the Hell King Gordon to attack. Venus shot a Koshiryoku Beam at the giant robot along with the several other Photon attacks from the Mazinger army and Photon Power Fortress, only for the attacks to be absorbed. The Venus was struck down helplessly. Fortunately the Mazinger Z arrived, unleashing rocket punches from all of the fallen robots except for Venus, winning the battle.


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