Venus A
Composition Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy Engine
Pilot Sayaka Yumi

Venus A (ビューナスA) is a Super Robot created by the three scientists as a replacement for the Aphrodite A after its destruction. Like the Venus A from the original manga, it was modeled after Sayaka Yumi. Unfortunately, after some episodes it became infected with a virus that transformed it into a gorgon-like Ghost Mechanical Beast.


Venus A's appearance in Mazinkaiser appears to be a blend between the original manga version and the one that appeared in the Great Mazinger anime. It is colored white and red with brown "hair" with thrusters that likely allow

Venus A as a Ghost Mechanical Beast

the robot to fly. The top of the head features a "hairstyle" that resembles the manga version of Venus A and the helmet worn by Jun Hono (who was Venus's pilot in the anime). After being infected with a virus, the Venus A gained tendrils with eyes sticking out of its head. Later, it gained a snake-like appearance with a lower snake body and a retractable jaw.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Venus A is built with a stronger frame than Aphrodite A, making it much more durable and physically powerful. It is armed with the Oppai Missile System, that shoots missiles out of the chest area. The Venus can also use the Koshiryoku Beam from its antenna. After being transformed into a Ghost Mechanical Beast, the Venus A gained a vicious behavior, destroying anything in sight. It is able to shoot beams out of the several eyes that extend from its body.


With the Aphrodite A torn apart after an attack from Dr. Hell, the three scientists worked on a new more powerful robot, using photographs of Sayaka as a model. When Koji snuck out to fight the Gamia Q, Sayaka was deployed to fight an approaching Mechanical Beast. Unfortunately, the shell was too strong to penetrate even with help from Boss Borot. By the time the Mazinkaiser arrived, Venus A helped support the Kaiser from the recoil of the Fire Blaster.

Venus was brought along for a beach day with Sayaka spending time near it to forget about Koji's infatuation with Lori and Loru. However, they are captured by Baron Ashura and his men. After Koji and Boss infiltrate and rescue them, Venus A helps in destroying the Gool.

Venus was used again with the revelation of the Drago Ω1. It was captured in its grip before being liberated by the Kaiser. Unfortunately, some of the cells of the Ghost Mechanical Beast were injected into the Venus A, causing it to become a Mechanical Beast itself attacking the Photon Power Laboratory and everything in it. As it attacked, Boss Borot managed to keep it busy. By the time, the Great Mazinger appeared to help the Kaiser, Venus A assumed a more menacing naga-like form to attack. After a short while, the Great Mazinger destroyed the Venus A.


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