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Venus A
Composition Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy Engine
Pilot Jun Hono, Maria Fleed (Zwei)
Dimensions Height:20 meters

Weight:23 tons

Notable moves Oppai Missile System, Mazinger Blade

Venus A (ビューナスA) is one of the four main robots of the current Mazinger Angels.  In the original comic, it was piloted by Jun Hono. In Mazinger Angels Z, it is remodeled and piloted by Maria Fleed.


Venus A resembles its original design but colored red and white while still having brown 'hair'. In Mazinger Angels Z, it is redesigned to resemble its Sayaka Yumi's Mazinkaiser counterpart.

Weapons and Equipment[]

Oppai Missile System[]

A weapon system used by current generation MA robots that deploys weapons from the chest area. While most weapons are missiles, there are other weapons such as fans or even swords.

  • Missiles: Standard explosive missiles.
  • Drill Pressure Missiles: Drill-tipped missiles, usually fired two at a time to drill through enemies.
  • Fire Tornado: Using the Venus Typhoon fan, Venus blows a strong hot wind that melts anything the heat beam touches. When used together with the Blizzard Smash, it can cause enemies to crumble from the colliding temperatures.
  • Mazinger Blade: A folding long sword extracted from the left breast as a melee weapon, powerful to cut through some of the strongest enemies and inches of steel.
  • Exceed Spear: A melee weapon used for close combat; the tips are changed depending on the user, for Venus A the Drill Pressure top is added.

Other Weapons[]

In addition to the OPM, Venus can use the finger missiles from its original incarnation.

Queen of Gold[]

When Venus A used the sacred treasure of the Mu kingdom, it assumed an Egyptian styled form that featured the Eye of Horus on the thighs and falcon-like attached to the chest that can be used as a throwing weapon. The staff it wield also casts rays to attack foes. This forms most powerful attack is the Breast Horus Burn, which fires a flaming bird at an enemy.

Zwei Version[]

A few years after the conclusion of Mazinger Angels, Venus A is redesigned with an appearance more similar to the Mazinkaiser version of Venus. It is able to fly and still features the OPM.

  • Missiles: Standard weapons of the OPM system.
  • Rifle: A rifle-like barrel is exposed from the chest and fires at an enemy.