The Vegan Empire is the central antagonist force of Grendizer. The empire is run under the dictatorship of King Vega, who primarily has all of Planet Vega's forces focused on military exploits. The military forces seek to expand their forces across the universe for total domination, and to find a place to live due to Planet Vega's instability.

Weapons and Technology Edit

The empire's weaponry is mainly based around Vegatron (ironically this is the element that caused Planet Vega's downfall). While a great many of soldiers make up the military, the Vegan Empire's main weapons are the Saucer Beasts (later the Vega Beasts). For vehicle transport, they use special UFOs that are capable of faster-than-light travel of varying kinds including the MiniFO.

Members Edit

Most of the empire's members are the native Vegans, but some members also included members of species whose planets had been conquered by the Vegan Empire.

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