Tsuyoshi Nonaka
Nonaka tsuyoshi 0001
Kanji 野中剛
Kana のなか つよし
Gender Male
Age Late 20s-30s
Robot Created MA robots
Affiliation Mazinger Angels
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance The Suspicious Lady, Madam Janus
Professor Tsuyoshi Nonaka is a major supporting character in Mazinger Angels, he serves as an advisor to the team as the base chief and is in charge of the development of the robots. While he is mainly refered to only by Prof. Nonaka by every character, his full name is seen at the base.


Prof. Nonaka is of average height for a man his age, with tanned skin, black hair, and glasses. More often than not, he is seen in a white lab coat.


While Prof. Nonaka is serious when he needs to be, he is noted for some eccentric quirks, taking great pride in the Angels robots and admiring their beauty as if they were alive. He is also very serious about the working of other robots, calling Dr. Hell's Mechanical Beasts "bad taste" and seeing the Big Daitan as imbalanced and unreliable because of the large amount of weapons it possesses.


Prof. Nonaka is known for high class technology, aside from the MA robots he has made Hikaru Makiba's robot dog, Daisuke which functions and behaves just like a real dog. He also customizes the MA robots with equipment needed for the situation. He is even able to fight for himself in battle, able to fend off assassins sent to kill him and Jun Hono.


Prof. Nonaka once worked in the same institute as Dr. Hell, until Hell was expelled for his insane ideas. During that time and continued to the present day, Nonaka saw Hell's work as bad taste. Years later, he becomes the head scientist for developing the robots of the Mazinger Angels, all the while being attracted to them. Over the course of the series, he would be of assistance to the team by either modifying their robots or giving advice in battle.

A few years after the defeat of Dr. Hell, Nonaka continues his work with Hikaru working as his assistant. He improves the designs of the robots in order to fight in outer space with help from Juzo Kabuto near the end of the series.


  • Prof. Nonaka is based on the real life, Tsuyoshi Nonaka, the mechanical designer for Mazinger Angels. Fittingly, Prof. Nonaka actually created the robots in the Angels universe.
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