Tsubasa Yuki
Manga - Anime


Kanji 由木翼
Kana ゆうき つばさ
Gender Female
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Wingle
Affiliation WSO
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Saori Hayami
First Appearance Death Caprice (Anime)
Tsubasa Yuki is a member of the Skull Force's Gren Falcon Squad as an engineering officer (later promoted to captain). After the rest of the squad is wiped out when going to Machine Island she becomes the only ally to the Death Caprice Squad. She also inherits the Wingle after her captain Scarlet Hibiki's death.



Tsubasa's profile

Tsubasa is a young woman of average height with short brown hair, with an athletic build. Her usual clothing is the Skull Force uniform. After being promoted to captain, she wears the same scarf Scarlet had.


Despite Tsubasa's innocent appearance, she is a strong willed no-nonsense person determined to finish a mission. She is not afraid to get in the face of Ken Kaido or Ryo Magami whenever they don't take the missions seriously.


As a member of the Skull Force, Tsubasa is trained in hand-to-hand combat and firearms, but is nowhere near the same level as Ken or Magami. Tsubasa is a capable pilot, able to use the Lady Falcon Pilder to escape a ship about to explode and pilot the Wingle effectively in combat.


Yuuki thubasa 0001

As seen on Super Robot Wars X-Ω

Tsubasa at some point joined the Skull Force and taken under Scarlet Hibiki's wing. During a mission to Machine Island, the transport carrying the Gren Falcon Squad encounters the Gravity Curtain causing a massive shockwave that killed everyone but Tsubasa on board. Tsubasa used the Lady Falcon to get out before the ship exploded and landed on the island while noticing the Mazinkaiser SKL before losing consciousness.

Tsubasa is found by the Hachiryokaku and is treated by them. Regaining conscious, Tsubasa meets Aila who explains what has been happening on the island. Tsubasa then watched as the Death Caprice Squad laid waste the Kiba Army. With Kiba supposedly dead, Tsubasa and the Death Caprice Squad went to his fortress, taking out the remaining guards. Tsubasa then shuts down the mechanism within the fortress before moving onto the Garan army.

As Garan's forces getting in the way and the Psycho Gears being pushed back, Tsubasa finds the hiding place of the Wingle and docks into it, fighting off the X Battlers. As a still alive Kiba uses the Iron Kaiser, the Gravity Curtain becomes unstable. Tsubasa contacts WSO for information on the robot and realizes the only way to stop the Gravity Curtain is bring the Iron Kaiser to it. She tells the Death Caprice Squad about it, and they accept to do the task in spite of concerns. Tsubasa sends the Wing Cross to the SKL and watches as it manages to successfully destroy both the Iron Kaiser and the Gravity Curtain core.

After Machine Island, Tsubasa is promoted to captain. She is sent on another mission with the Death Caprice Squad and releases them wishing them luck.


Tsubasa is Japanese for 'Wing' which alludes to the Wingle.

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