Tranzor Z is the American adaptation for Mazinger Z airing on 1985. Like many dubbed adaptations of anime during the twentieth century, especially for younger audiences, there were several changes to original content (e.g. the main characters receiving western names such as Koji being renamed as Tommy Davis).

Major ChangesEdit

While the overall plot remains the same, some episodes were removed for US television guidelines of 65 episodes. Names were also changed to fit those guidelines, from Japanese to several Western names and names from religious sources such as Dr. Hell were changed to Dr. Demon and Mazinger Z to Tranzor Z. References to Japanese cultures were also removed to appeal to a western audience.

Although it is notable that some major aspects of the original show were not changed during the import, such as Devleen's dual-sexed nature and the deaths of the major villains.

In addition, the series ends on adapting Episode 91, with Dr. Demon defeated and all of his minions dead (as the dub mentions). Despite this, when certain scenes were edited for content, footage of Great Mazinger and Tetsuya from the 92 episode of Mazinger was used, effectively making Tetsuya and Great Mazinger the same character as Tommy and Tranzor Z in the adaptation


Tranzor Z received very little success, partly due to the popularity of Voltron, the American adaptation of GoLion and Dairugger XV and fans calling the series a rip-off of Voltron in spite of Mazinger Z preceding GoLion and Dairugger by a decade.

In recent years, more people have warmed up to Tranzor, in part to the internet having the episodes available and having now adult men who admitted to enjoying it growing up. However, there are many who still disregard it as a cheap, watered down adaptation and inferior to the Hawaiian English dub which was less edited than Tranzor and retained the original names (albeit at the cost with a much more lackluster Voice acting quality compared to Tranzor)

As such, discussing Tranzor Z is still a rather iffy subject for some people though with the release of Mazinger Z: Infinity some have revisited the dub and opinion on it appears to be changing to a more positive outlook.

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Tranzor Z トランゾール Z

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