TFO Z (4)
Composition Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy
Pilot Koji Kabuto
Dimensions Length: 7.5 meters

Weight: 1.2 metric tons

Performance Maximum Speed: Mach 4
The TFO (Terrestrial Flying Object) is a space ship Koji Kabuto created after researching through NASA's files on UFOs. It was originally built for transport and for communicating with aliens, able to move into the ionosphere. However, when the Vegan Empire attacked and Koji was almost shot down in episode 1, a missile system was added to provide weaponry. The missiles were only effective against the weaker enemy forces and the TFO was eventually destroyed and replaced by JFO and the Double Spazer.


  • The TFO served a similar role to the female robots of the Mazinger anime, with its only weaponry being a missile system and was usually the one suffering the most damage until it was destroyed.


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