Super Alloy Z (超合金Z Chogokin Zetto) is the metal alloy used in the construction of the main mecha of the Photon Power Laboratory, the first of which being the Mazinger Z. For a short while it was also used in the construction of the Balmos Q7 Mechanical Beast.


Super Alloy Z is made from a combination of different elements, the main one being Japanium. It is extremely robust (much harder and sturdier than steel), its unique molecular structure has no defects, and is highly resistant to hot and cold temperatures. Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! gives it the ability to absorb Photonic Energy as well as a versatile metal that can be used to create many appliance including pickaxes, shovels, and strangely enough bamboo. While being one of the strongest materials known in the Mazinger universe, it is not indestructible as seen when the Mazinger Z suffered damaged after so many attacks. It is also vulnerable to high frequency sound waves that cause it to become brittle and break; this is overcome with stronger variants like Super Alloy New Z. There are also different variants of Super Alloy Z, though they are not often seen in the same universe.


  • Alloy Z: A weaker and simpler version of Super Alloy Z used in Aphrodite A and the Mazinger Army's construction in the original manga and The Impact!. While still highly sturdy and strong to conventional weaponry, it is nowhere near the same amount of power as Super Alloy Z. It is generally weak against the Alloy X tools created by Dr. Hell.
  • Super Alloy New Z: A superior version of Super Alloy Z used in the creation of the Great Mazinger and Venus A. It is four times stronger and lighter than the original Super Alloy and is later retrofitted onto the Mazinger Z and Diana A.
  • Super Alloy New Zα: A superior version of Super Alloy New Z used in the creation of the Mazinkaiser in the Mazinkaiser OVA, manga, and Super Robot Wars games. In the Super Robot Wars F game (where the alloy debuted) it was created upon the Mazinger Z's exposure to Getter Rays and has the ability to regenerate. In Mazinkaiser vs. Great General of Darkness, it was constructed in zero gravity; and is able to survive a drop from a satellite.


  • The term 'Chogokin' was used for the zinc die-cast model line.

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