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The Shogun Warriors were a licensed Mattel toy line using imported mecha from 1970s Japanese anime and tokusatsu such as Gaiking, Raideen, and Great Mazinger. As of 2010, Shogun Warriors is now under ownership by Toynami with the Jumbo Machinder models of GoLion and Dairugger XV (known by their American adaptation name Voltron) as the only known models surfacing.

Features Edit

Produced in various sizes depending on their releases, Shogun Warriors were often packaged as they were featured in their source material with some sets including parts that could create other models such as the Combattra. The toys were equipped with spring-loaded weapons while some could transform into vehicles (Raydeen), or packaged with vehicles (Grandizer).

Media Edit

Several of the Shogun Warriors toys were given screen time with Force Five being the most notable. Shogun Warriors were also given a licensed comic book by Marvel Comics with three stories based on Raydeen, Combattra, and Danguard Ace (Originally Great Mazinger/Mazinga and Getter Dragon/Dragun were intended to star instead of the latter two) being published from February 1979 and September 1980, for a while even sharing screentime with the Fantastic Four and even the Marvel licensed Godzilla (who was also released in the Shogun Warriors toy line).

Toyline Edit

Mecha Edit

  • 17 Robot (Daitetsujin 17)
  • Combattra
  • Daimos/Dynamo
  • Danguard Ace
  • Dragun
  • Gaiking
  • Great Mazinger (Great Mazinga/Mazinga)
  • Mazinga "Z" (Great Mazinga/Goldorak Hybrid jumbo, European release only)
  • Grendizer (Grandizer/Goldorak. 5 inch die cast and Jumbo version Europe only)
  • Leopardon
  • Poseidon
  • Raideen/Arrow
  • Raider
  • Voltes V
  • Golion (2010 only)
  • Dairugger XV (2010 only)

Kaiju Edit

  • Godzilla
  • Rodan

Shogun (2018 Super7 line up) Edit

3" die casts announced at New York Comic Con 2017, these figures may see a release in 2018 along with a possible additional wave of figures

  • Mazinga Z (Mazinger Z)
  • Great Mazinga (Great Mazinger)
  • Getter Dragun
  • Garada K7
  • Doublas M2
  • Rokuron Q9
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