Shiro Kabuto
Kanji 兜シロー
Kana かぶと シロー
Gender Male
Age (Preadolescence)
Robot None
Affiliation Photon Power Laboratory
Family and Relations Juzo Kabuto (Grandfather),

Kenzo Kabuto (Father), Koji Kabuto (Older Brother)

First Appearance Unknown
Shiro Kabuto is Koji's younger brother and a major support character in Shin Mazinger ZERO.


Shiro was the second son of Kenzo Kabuto and his unnamed wife, who in several realities had died in an accident. In some alternate realities Shiro had also died from unknown circumstances. In the timelines where Shiro survived, he was raised by his grandfather, with his brother Koji doing the housework. Soon after Koji began to pilot Mazinger Z, Shiro acted as his main support.


Shiro like most children his age is carefree and mischievious. He is supportive of his older brother, cheering him on when he is winning and grows concerned when Koji is injured.


While Shiro is a regular grade schooler, he is able to pilot the Hover Pilder with moderate skill.


Shiro is mentioned a couple of times as being dead in different realties by Minerva. His first full appearance is going to pick up Koji with the Hover Pilder while unintentionally cutting apart a Gamia Q. Shiro tells Koji about Mechanical Beasts attacking giving him the Hover Pilder. Since then Shiro has mostly been on the sidelines, observing the events while cheering Koji on.

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