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The Science Fortress Laboratory is the main headquarters of Kenzo Kabuto, who decided to stay hidden for a very long time. Unlike the Photon Power Laboratory, which was made for research; Kenzo built this fortress to prepare pilots, robots, and weapons for the battle against the Mycenae Empire. It was here he created the Great Mazinger.


After Kenzo was brought back to life as a cyborg by his father, Professor Juzo Kabuto, Kenzo decided to go into hiding so as not to alarm his sons. Before leaving he took in two orphans, Tetsuya Tsurugi and Jun Hono to train them as pilots. Hiding the Fortress Lab from view by having it go below the sea, Kenzo did his own research as events transpired. By the time the Mycenae Empire started their attack, Kenzo surfaced the Laboratory and began the fight against the Mycenae up until the lab's destruction by an attack from the newly appointed Grand Marshall of Hell.

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The Science Fortress Laboratory features a defense system with a barrier of Photonic Energy, along with a large assortment of missiles, photon guns, and a secret weapon used in episode 29 against the Mikelos which was nearly destroyed.

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