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Undersea Fortress Saluud is a submersible mobile fortress used by Baron Ashura.

Appearance and FunctionsEdit

The Saluud has a similar appearance to previous counterparts with the top of the structure resembling a rocky island for cover and is attached to a metal beam with a propeller and turrets. The bottom of the structure is a large submarine pod with a green camouflaged design and boosters.

The Saluud's main function is to transport Mechanical Beasts onto the battlefield as well as hold captured enemies. It is powered by a nuclear reactor that allows it move for an unprecedented amount of time but also puts whoever is on at risk of an explosion.


The Saluud first appeared during Ashura's infiltration times and as a place to retreat to. After Ashura captured Mazinger Z, he/she also imprisoned Sayaka Yumi and Koji Kabuto. However a few problems arose with Boss and his gang having infiltrated and later Count Brocken bombing the fortress to steal the glory from the Gool. With the Saluud's nuclear reactor damaged, Ashura and the rest escaped before the Saluud exploded.

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