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Rockron Q9
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI

Rockron Q9 is a Mechanical Beast that served as the monster-of-the-week in episode 37 of the Mazinger Z anime.


Rockron Q9 is a humanoid Mechanical Beast with a pink body, a grey rocket pack on its back, and five purple heads with extendable necks and light green hair.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Rockron Q9 is able to turn invisible for surprise attacks on enemies. It is able to detach its heads to avoid attacks and restrain enemies. It is able to fly with its rocket pack as well as swim. It shows a resistance to beam weapons, the torso contains a 10-tube missile launcher for long range attacks, and the mouths release an acid that explodes.



  • "Rokuron" is most likely based on "Rokurokubi" (ろくろ首), the name of a youkai creature with an extendable neck in Japanse folklore.