Robot Junior
Composition Super Alloy New Z
Power Source Photonic Energy Engine
Pilot Shiro Kabuto
Dimensions Height: 15 meters

Weight: 17 metric tons

Performance Running Speed: 80 kilometers per hour

Output: 10,000 horsepower

Robot Junior (ロボットジュニア Robotto Junia) is a giant robot piloted by Shiro Kabuto in parts of Great Mazinger. It mainly themed around baseball, its body designed on a baseball jersey, the dock looking like a cap, and the main weapon is a bat.


Shiro, wanting to fight alongside the others and not just stand around and cheer for victory as he did in the past was given his own robot, Robot Junior. While Robot Junior was hardly ever used, Shiro showed a good use in using it, having more luck than Boss Borot. Shiro would use Robot Junior to fight in the final assault against Great Marshall of Hell.

Equipment and WeaponsEdit

Docking VehicleEdit

Unlike the pilders used by the Mazingers, the docking vehicle of Robot Junior resembles a baseball cap that is attached before deployment.

Iron BatterEdit

A large baseball bat that is released from the shoulders that acts as a parody of Mazinger Z's Iron Cutter and Great Mazinger's Mazinger Blade. It is effective weapon at close range, enough to shatter part of a Warrior Beast.

Junior MissileEdit

Small Missiles fired fired from the arms. They are rather weak.

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