Robot Girls Z ONLINE is a browser game by UserJoy Japan based on Robot Girls Z. Its beta test was active on May 30, 2014 until the completed version was commenced on June 5.

Production Edit

The game was developed by Userjoy Japan while published by FunYours Technology. Promotion for the game came through related materials such as Robot Girls Z's online manga. With new content coming in through regular updates including character, maps, and items. Regular collaborations for events occur adding characters and content including Toei mecha series, Cutie Honey based content, and the collaboration project Miracle Robot Force.[1]

Overview Edit


The Photon Power Town city-building.

The game features a mixture of city building, army collecting, and turn-based combat. The player sets up a neighborhood in Photon Power Town where Robot Girls occasionally appear with the increased activity. Players are able to customize their characters with abilities and power-ups for battle against Mechanical Beast Girls and other enemies. The player's team can have up to five Robot Girls in their team. Battles against enemies and other players are based on a turn-based system where characters pictures are shown at the top of a bar and the first one to reach the end is able to make a choice from pre-selected moves. Characters have a hit point system and when the health bar reaches zero, that player will be unable to be used until the next match. With every win, the characters gain experience and level up to unlock new abilities. New characters not seen in other media also appear including the TFO from Grendizer and enemy units like the Warrior Beasts and Mechasaurus-based Robot Girls.

Trivia Edit

  • The Servers the game sports are named after the protagonists of the series some of the primary characters are based on: Kabuto, Tsurugi, Duke, Nagare, and Shiba.

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  1. "Robot Girls Z" Joins "Miracle Robot Force" for Mecha Mash-Up

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