Robot Girls Team T (also known as Toei Robot Girls) is a Robot Girls team based on robots from anime produced by Toei Animation. Prior to Robot Girls Z, they appeared in the special Toei Robot Girls as a team to protect Earth from threats from outer space using the data of giant robots from history in the form of cute girls. They appear to challenge Robot Girls Team Z to hijack their position as the protectors of Photon Power Town and trying to be more popular than them during the town's sports festival. After competing in the race, both teams were disqualified for the destruction they caused and for cheating. When their representatives tried to make up, it only increased the rivalry between them further. They later appear to help fight Great General of Darkness-ko. In the web manga, Team T visits Photon Power Town and encounters Team Z before teaming up to fight a giant Doublas M2 and later against Great General of Darkness-ko.

In Robot Girls Z ONLINE, Team T goes through an upgrading process called Team T Legend Plan.


  • Gai-chan/Triple Gai-chan: Modeled after Gaiking, a hot-blooded and assertive individual who never backs down from a challenge and developed a strong rivalry with the equally hot-blooded Z-chan. Controls the Daiku Maryu for transport. Also leads Team LOD as her upgraded form Triple Gai-chan.
  • Gacky/Earth Gacky: Modeled after Ga-keen, she is good friends with Gai-chan and helped her out in the race. Pilots the Delivery multipurpose vehicle that can shift between a motorcycle and aircraft. She is later upgraded into Earth Gacky gaining a new form based on power using a pickaxe and wears knickerbockers.
  • Bara-tan/Blue Bara-tan/Green Bara-tan/Black Bara-tan/Space Bara-tan: Modeled after Barattack, a spoiled girl with a sweet tooth who does not like getting involved with missions or tasks as much as her teammates do. After taunting the similarly minded Gre-chan, they developed a rivalry between each other. In Robot Girls Z ONLINE, she possesses specialized forms depending on the environment.
  • Dandan/Dandan α: Modeled after Danguard A, she is the friendliest member of the team helping Gai-chan up when she was down and not participating in the mocking against Team Z. Her upgraded form arms her with powerful missiles and can even assume a tank mode when she is full of hate, which never happens.


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