Psycho Gear
A Psycho Gear and its variations
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Hachiryokaku soldiers
Psycho Gears are the main defense of the Hachiryokaku.


The Psycho Gears resemble metallized women wearing togas. Each of the Psycho Gears have differently designed 'hair' for each pilot.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

PsychoGear (2)

A Psycho Gear with a gun weapon.

The Psycho Gears main function is to amplify the psychic abilities of the Hachiryokaku soldiers to put a barrier around their base. They possess a weapon that has the ability to transform into either a blaster gun or a laser blade. Their only known weakness is their lack of numbers compared to the Kiba and Garan armies' robots.


The Psycho Gears had to put up defense for their fortress and repel attacks from the opposing armies. When fighting a losing battle against the Kiba Army they are helped by Mazinkaiser SKL. Later they face the remaining members of the Kiba and Garan armies with help from the Wingle.

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