Planet Fleed was the home planet of Duke and Maria Fleed. Originally a lush and peaceful world with a highly advanced civilization; it was invaded by the Vegan Empire from Planet Fleed's neighboring planet, Planet Vega. Contaminated with radiation from the Empire's Vegatron weapons, it was left desolate.

Known InformationEdit

The planet's government is a monarchy with Duke and Maria's parents being the king and queen. Duke was next in line for the throne, prior to the invasion. Compared to Planet Vega, Planet Fleed lacked a powerful military. However, the planet's scientists developed the powerful super robot Grendizer and the original Spazer. Depending on the medium, the usual clothing including simple toga's with belts and accessories such as in the anime and manga by Ōta or bodysuits that cover most of the body.


After a few years, the Vegatron radiation on Planet Fleed wore off. Rubina went to find her fiance Duke to deliver the news at the cost of her life. When the Vegan Empire was defeated, Duke and Maria returned to their home planet to restore it and the kingdom.

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