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The Photon Power Laboratory is one of the the main settings of Mazinger Z. It was founded by Professor Juzo Kabuto after his discovery of Japanium and Photonic Energy and is based near Mt. Fuji and around Aokigahara where a large deposit of Japanium is located.


The laboratories main purpose is to study Japanium and Photonic Energy for several uses such as clean energy. One of the key results was Super Alloy Z, a powerful metal alloy much stronger and more durable than steel. With the attacks by Dr. Hell, his lieutenants, and Mechanical Beasts; the laboratory shifted to projects of studying the enemy and development of weapons to fight back.


Defense SystemEdit

The Photon Lab is protected from threats through a barrier defense system powered by Photonic Energy. While the forcefield is powerful enough to stand attacks from a variety of weapons, it is not impenetrable; an attack with enough force could cause the field to fail. The lab has fake trees that come up from the ground and shoots missiles, although its not very defensive and rarely used, it instead relies on the Mazinger Z and other robots.

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Photon Power Labortory

The Photon Power Laboratory as it appears in Mazinger Z: Infinity.

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