Panda Z: The Robonimation (パンダーゼット THE ROBONIMATION) is a Japanese short series that parodies Mazinger Z.  Produced by Bee Media and Synergy Japan, it aired on Kids Station from April 12 to November 1, 2004.


The show is a series of sketches played by Pan-Taron, a robotic panda that pilots the titular mecha Panda-Z. Pan-Taron has several robotic animal friends who help him fight the evil Skullpanda and the Warunimal forces. The sketches are hardly ever serious, and most of the time are in comedic everyday situations.


Panda-Z has no voice overs, and the characters speak through inter-titles. Most expressions are usually mime techniques, sound effects, and the show's sound track. The characters themselves are modeled after the main characters of Mazinger Z, for example Pan-Taron is based on Koji Kabuto and Pan-Taron's grandfather Dr. Panji is based on Koji's grandfather Juzo Kabuto. Some characters however are not as obvious.