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Kanji N/A
Kana ムラジ
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged)
Robot None
Affiliation Mu Kingdom
Family and Relations Aila Mu (Daughter)
Voice Actor Fujimoto Yuzuru
First Appearance Unknown
Muraji (also known as Roshi) is Aila Mu's father and prime minister of the Kingdom of Mu. He is also the leader of the kingdom's military and serves as a major support character.


Muraji had been under employment of the royal family since the era of King Yura. At some point he was in a relationship with the previous queen which produced Aila.


Like Aila, Muraji has faith in the day that the God Mazinger awakens. When Yamato Hino arrives with the ability to pilot the God Mazinger, Muraji becomes one of closest people Yamato becomes accustomed to. Muraji is also popular with the people in the kingdom and Mu's Four Swordsmen for his friendly disposition and loyalty. Muraji's main loyalty is for the kingdom and his daughter refusing to tell anything to Dorado and expressing disgust towards Eldo for his attraction towards Aila.


With Yamato's arrival and the God Mazinger's awakening, Muraji decides to train Yamato to become a soldier to protect the kingdom. Muraji supports Yamato through all of his battles. He then finds Eldo being alienated by his father and despite his disgust towards him, Muraji decides to rescue him. Unfortunately, it was revealed to be a ruse for Eldo to infiltrate. When Muraji refused to tell Eldo anything, he is killed. Muraji's death greatly affected all of the people in the kingdom, especially to Aila and Yamato.