Kanji N/A
Kana みさと
Gender Female
Age (Young Adult)
Robot None
Affiliation Photon Power Laboratory
Family and Relations Boss (Cousin)
Voice Actor Nana Yamaguchi (Z)
Kana Ueda (Infinity)
First Appearance Mazinger Z episode 64
Misato is a minor character who appeared in the Mazinger Z anime, as the housekeeper for the Photon Power Laboratory and the Kabuto House. She is a distant cousin of Boss and is known for getting attention at her work places.


Misato is an attractive young woman with wavy brown hair and brown eyes. Her clothing usually consists of a green sweater and blue pants.


Misato has a sweet and loving personality that along with her looks makes people of the opposite gender easily attracted to her. But she is also tough, willing to solve any danger that comes her way. Sayaka was jealous and didn't like Misato due to Koji flirting with her until she was injured, afterward they became good friends.


Misato is an excellent cook, making savory meals to people she serves it too. She is also able to wield and effectively use a machine gun that she knocked out of an Iron Mask. Misato can even fly a helicopter and knock three people off with acrobatic maneuvers. It were these skills that had Prof. Yumi invite her to the Photon Lab.


With Koji busy with the Mechanical Beasts, Misato was hired to look after the Kabuto house. She left an impression on her employers, with Koji gaining a small crush on her. When the house was attacked by Iron Masks, Misato managed to fight off some of the Iron Masks and get Shiro to safety on a helicopter. After witnessing Misato's skills, Prof. Yumi invites Misato to the Photon Lab to work at along with the Kabuto house, to which she accepts. For the rest of the series, Misato was seen at the lab doing her job with Koji flirting with her, much to Sayaka's irritation.

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