Minerva X
Kanji N/A
Kana ミネルバX
Gender Male
Age (Adolescence)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Mechanical Beast Girls
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Mika Kikuchi
First Appearance Puzzle?! Mystery Appearance of Pretty Girl (Anime),

Encounter!? Minerva X's Appearance! (Manga)

Minerva X is a Mechanical Beast Girl developed from the data of Robot Girls Team Z and was created for the purpose of disrupting their teamwork. Despite his feminine appearance and voice, Minerva X is actually an Otokonoko.


Minerva is a feminine-looking teenager with long brown hair and red eyes. He wears an outfit similar to Z-chan's featuring the same jacket and skirt even a ribbon in his hair but with a black top covering the chest with a pair of red plates to make it resemble the breast-like heat sinks of the original Minerva, indigo gloves, and boots. He wears a hat in the shape of his namesake's crown but with a red horned face with yellow eyes that changes expressions with Minerva instead of a bird.


Minerva has a crush on Z-chan and strives to get her attention. When it comes to others however such as the other members of team Z, he badmouths them and considers them unworthy of Z-chan's attention, especially Gre-chan.


Minerva's abilities are likely the same as his original counterpart's but has only demonstrated the Rocket Punch.


Anime Edit

Minerva first appeared in the park to greet Z-chan while badmouthing the other Robot Girls. While he manages to get Z-chan alone by making Gre-chan look like the bad guy, Minerva starts to make a move towards her revealing himself to be a boy. Z-chan was astonished by this before Gre-chan broke down the door and the entire break room. She and Minerva then started to fight which ended when Z-chan took a blow for Gre-chan and Minerva left after seeing the bond between them. However Minerva returned the next day to get Z-chan's attention but got into another fight with Gre-chan. He would later appear to help Z-chan fight Great General of Darkness-ko, only to disappear for the next scenes.

Manga Edit

Minerva appeared at the Photon Power Town hot springs where he embraces Z-chan while in the bath. He cuts off all attempts to reveal his true identity with his fake back story. Minerva washes Z-chan's back until fondling her which makes Gre-chan snap and got into a fight with Minerva which resulted in Minerva losing his towel revealing his private area in front of Z-chan. Angry, Gre-chan unleashes a Thunder Break that knocked out Minerva.


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