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Minerva X (ミネルバX Mineruba Ekkusu) is the monster of the week for Mazinger Z Episode 38 Minerva X, The Mysterious Robot.

She was originally meant to be Mazinger Z's partner. Minerva was designed by Juzo Kabuto, but he was killed before being able to build her. Instead, Dr. Hell stole Minerva's plans and built her with the resources at his disposition. As a result, the final product was weaker than it was supposed to be.

Instead of a pilot, Minerva X has an artificial intelligence system that allows her to operate independently.


Minerva X is a very beautiful robot that looks a lot like a female Mazinger Z as she sports a similar design and color scheme. Her face is purple, with a decoration similar to a bird on her head. In its abdomen there is an associated circuit that is a hexagonal shaped jewel that changes color depending on Minerva's status.

Weapons and Equipment[]

As Minerva X was designed to fight with and was based on the Mazinger, she has a similar structure to his and possesses some of the same attacks. Had Minerva been outfitted with the necessary parts instead of what the Mechanical Beasts are composed of, she would have been much more powerful than she already was.

Her main function through the partner circuit on her waist receives signals from the Mazinger Z's CPU based on a situation and would select a strategy from the data she received. The circuit is crucial to Minerva as Dr. Hell could not get Minerva to function without it. Also if it is damaged, Minerva could malfunction and run rampant.

  • Koshiryoku Beam: A beam attack from the eyes, instead of Photonic Energy this attack is used with the weaker Atomic Energy.
  • Breast Fire: An attack from the heat sinks on the chest, for obvious reasons it is not as strong as the Mazinger's. It also appears to be unable to stand the generated heat needing to emit coolant, especially when the Mazinger got closer to it when their Breast Fire attacks collided.
  • Rocket Punch: Launching the fist to attack.
  • Rust Hurricane: A gust of wind with corrosive elements, Minerva only used this once in a test.
  • Double Mazinger Punch (Video Game Only): When paired up with a Mazinger robot, Minerva launches her Rocket Punch with the other robot.
  • Double Burning Fire (Video Game Only): When paired with the Z or Great, Minerva unleashes her Breast Fire move in tandem with the others.


Minerva X was designed by Professor Kabuto as Mazinger Z's partner. However, Juzo was killed before he could build Minerva. After the fact, Dr. Hell had his minions infiltrate what was left of Dr. Kabuto's caban in the woods to steal the plans for Minerva X. Lacking Super Alloy Z and Photonic Energy, Dr. Hell was forced to use super steel and atomic energy instead. With Minerva ready, Dr. Hell deployed her to fight Mazinger Z.

She defected immediatly after meeting Mazinger Z in battle thanks to the partner circuit. The device overwhelmed Dr. Hell's control over her allowing Minerva to act accordingly to her original purpose, as Mazinger Z's partner. In her time alongside the Mazinger team, Minerva behaved surprisingly human. Going so far as to act like Mazinger Z's and - by proxy - Koji's girlfriend. His decision to humour her and play along made Sayaka jealous to no end.

In response to the betrayal, Dr. Hell sent Archerian J5 to eliminate Minerva X before she could be retrofited with Super Alloy Z.

During the battle, Minerva's partner circuit was damaged making her go on a rampage. The Mazinger team tried to get her under control, but when she was about to attack a nuclear plant, Sayaka was forced to use Aphrodite's Oppai Missile mortally damaging Minerva. Koji had Mazinger Z install the newly built replacement for the old partner circuit in her which restored Minerva's consciousness long enough for her to give her last goodbye to her friends before 'dying'.

Koji and Sayaka gave Minerva a burial at sea and promised to one day bring her back after all the fighting was over.


Minerva is the Roman goddess of craft, wisdom, and warfare.


  • Minerva X has a counterpart in the Getter Robo anime, Getter Queen. Both are female versions of the main mecha's that are used by villains of their respective series that have appeared only in one episode their anime adaptations.
  • The Warrior Beast Cleo is also very similar in both her role and ultimate fate.
  • In a few select media such as Super Robot Wars, Minerva X can be recruited as a pilotable robot without her AI, also being retrofitted with Super Alloy Z, a Photonic Energy Engine, and a cockpit. When controlled, she is piloted by Sayaka Yumi and can pair up with the other Mazinger robots to peform team attacks.
  • In the 2011 Science Fiction book, Ready Player One, the character Art3mis pilots Minerva X in the virtual final battle.
  • LiSA from Mazinger Z: Infinity also serves as an inspiration to Minerva X, personality-wise.
  • In the Latin Spanish dubs of the series, additional dialogue was added about how Minerva X was rebuilt into Diana A.


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Super Robot Wars A Portable Minerva X attacks and Team Attacks