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Mazinger Z (マジンガーZ Majingā Zetto) is the original giant robot of Koji Kabuto in the Mazinkaiser OVA series before it was stolen by Baron Ashura and was remodeled into a weapon against the Photon Power Laboratory known as the Ashura Mazinger (あしゅら・マジンガー Ashura Majingā).


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As the Mazinger Z, the robot greatly resembles it's original manga counterpart with the forearms and feet colored black instead of blue like in the original anime, a white colored pilder, and the red lines outlining the yellow eyes. As the Ashura Mazinger, the robot is given a redecorated appearance with circular bolts all around the body and braces as the Mazinger Z was still damaged from its capture, green eyes are painted on the heat sinks, the Z has multiple spikes and bolts, and the left eye is broken so the Beam only fires from the right eye.


Hover Pilder[]

A hovercraft-like command center for the Mazinger Z. It was colored white like in the first stages of the original Mazinger Z manga instead of red. It also had a pre-programmed feature to go to the secret laboratory that held the Mazinkaiser.

The Mazinger Z was heavily damaged so Dr. Hell's forces customized it to Ashura's liking.

Ashura's Vehicle[]

After becoming the Ashura Mazinger, Baron Ashura incorporated the hovering vehicle it uses as the Pilder with it and its subordinates controlling the robot.


Mazinger Z using Rust Hurricane.

Much like the original Mazinger Z, the Kaiser version is capable of the signature attacks of the robot such as:

  • Rocket Punch: An attack that launches the forearm at rocket-like propulsion.
  • Rust Hurricane: A wind-like attack that blows out air from the grill of its mouth with corrosive particles that cause the enemy robots to crumble.

    Mazinger Z charging up his Breast Fire.

  • Breast Fire: A heat-based attack that converts the Photonic Energy into a powerful blast of heat energy that can melt enemies. Fired from Mazinger Z’s chest
  • Koshiryoku Beam: A beam attack fired from the eyes, usually for destroying minor nuisances or distracting enemies. This was one of the only attacks the Ashura Mazinger could use besides the Rocket Punch, since it was still damaged.
  • Iron Cutter: A Rocket Punch with added axe like blades on both sides of each forearm allowing this attack to cut through Mechanical Beasts with ease.

It appears to lack the extra weaponry features from the anime such as the Missile Punch and Reito Beam, while the Iron Cutter is the only one to have used.


A Baron Ashura customized Mazinger Z.

In a fight with Dr. Hell's Mechanical Beasts, Mazinger Z and its allies were able to destroy and subdue several mechanical beasts. Unfortunately, all of Mazinger's allies were eventually overpowered by the sheer numbers in Dr. Hell's forces. Mazinger Z was ambushed by Triple L5 who managed to drill through and crush it's Super Alloy Z limbs, crippling the robot. L5 then grabbed the Hover Pilder and tore it off of Mazinger's head and threw it far toward nowhere. 

After the battle, Baron Ashura brought the damaged robot to Dr. Hell, where it was modified and repaired so it can be piloted by Ashura and its Iron Masks. Ashura used the newly designed robot to attack the Photon Power Laboratory, managing to overpower the still damaged Great Mazinger and take out the lab's defenses. Before doing any further damage, the Mazinkaiser arrived, able to easily withstand the robot's attack and overpower it. Baron Ashura managed to escape leaving the Ashura Mazinger behind.

What happened to the Mazinger afterwards is unknown, but it can be assumed it was either put into a repair bay to remove any of Dr. Hell's modifications, or outright scrapped if the damage was beyond repair.