Mazinger Z can refer to the original manga and anime series, the primary mecha associated with the franchise, or even several related and/or similar mecha or characters based on the original robot.

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  • Z: A biosuit designed after the Mazinger Z robot in MazinSaga.
  • Mazinger (USA): A manga styled comic made by Go Nagai for the United States market.
    • Mazinger (Mecha): A powerful giant battle armor from a war ravaged future brought with its pilot to another world.
  • Z Mazinger: A 1990s manga series that tells an alternate story to the original, intertwined with Greek Mythology.
    • Z Mazinger (Mecha): A giant robot with a similar but different design to the original mecha but is a remodeled Mechanical God instead of being built from scratch.
  • Seto Magami: The android version of Mazinger Z who served as the main protagonist of Mazinger Otome.
  • Mazinger ZIP!: A series of flash shorts.
  • Z-chan: Leader of Robot Girls Team Z, based on Mazinger Z.
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