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The Mazinger Z arcade game was a vertical shoot 'em up game based on the Mazinger franchise. It was released in 1994 by Banpresto. On November 23, 2023, The arcade game has now made it's home console debut worldwide digitally on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch as part of Arcade Archive courtesy of Hamster Corporation.


The game follows a plot somewhat based on the original three anime series that compose the franchise: Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, and Grendizer.


The Mechanical Beasts, Mycenae Forces, & Vegan empire had teamed up to conquer the world with their massive army. Can the three Mazingers work together & stop their invading forces?


The player is given a choice of playing as Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, or Grendizer and play through a series of levels based on the Mazinger Z anime. As the robot flies through the level it attacks enemies with several attacks like beams and missiles. Enemies can attack from several points: some stand still while throwing projectiles, some can fly while firing projectiles, some will attempt to ram into the robot, while others simply do nothing but just move. The player can pick up power-ups by shooting either Aphrodite A or Venus A which will drop power ups. These Power-ups can enhance their attacks, recover health and energy, use special attacks based on what the robot can use in the anime. At the end of the level, the player fights against a large boss. Some levels include a sub-boss fight prior to the end of the level. The game also features a co-op mode that allows two players to play the game.


Stage 1 enemies:[]

Stage 2 enemies:[]

Sage 3 enemies[]

Stage 4 enemies[]

Stage 5 enemies:[]

Stage 6 enemies:[]

Stage 7 enemies:[]

Final stage enemies:[]


International vs. Japan[]

There are two versions of the Mazinger Z arcade game. This will list the differences between the two:

  • The International version uses English text whereas the Japanese version uses Japanese text.
  • After beating a stage in the first half of the Japanese version, a short cutscene will play that changes depending on which Mazinger you beat the boss with. In the International these were removed likely due to the anime being rather obscure in English-speaking countries.
  • In the Japanese version, before fighting the stage boss the screen pause and darkens. At the bottom of the screen they show the name of the boss before playing as usually. These were removed in the International release as the source material was not widely known.


  • In the game Aphrodite A has a Scrander.
  • Mazinger Z's sprite has black forearms & legs based on the original manga, yet all promotional art and in game art use Toei's blue limbed design. This was presumably done to differentiate between it and Great Mazinger who still has blue limbs.
  • As of November 5 2023, the arcade game has been made available digitally worldwide via Hamster Corporation's Arcade Archive (link to the Arcade Archive info on the game)[1] for both Playstation 4[1] and Nintendo Switch[2]. Both the Japanese and International version are included in this version. It marks the first time the game has been made available for consoles, and also the Japanese version has been made available outside of Japan for the first time for international audiences.