Mycenae no Densetsu (2012)

Cover of the supplement.

Mazinger Z: Mycenae no Densetsu no Maki is a prequel manga to the original series by Go Nagai given away with the first produced models of the special edition 40th Anniversary DX Chogokin Mazinger Z models. It shows the origins of the Mazinger Z and the influence of its creation. Due to its limited numbers, the booklets are considered valuable by collectors, even more so than the models they were released with.



  • Juzo Kabuto: the main character of the manga, having researched the ancient but advanced machines of the Mycenae Empire, he created Mazinger Z for his grandson Koji to use.
  • Koji Kabuto: Juzo's eldest grandson and the inheritor of Mazinger Z.
  • Dr. Hell: Juzo's arch rival and former colleague. Having discovered the Mechanical Beasts on Bardos, he strives for world domination.
  • Mycenae Empire: An ancient but technologically advanced empire that built giant robots.
    • Ghost Mechanical Beast Majin Z1: A Ghost Mechanical Beast used by the Mycenae Empire; served as the model for the Mazinger Z.
    • Ghost Mechanical Beast Great G1: Another Ghost Mechanical Beast used by the empire; served as the model for the Great Mazinger.
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