Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! known in Japan as Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen (真マジンガー 衝撃! Z編) is a reboot anime series directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa premiering April 4, 2009. It retells the original story of Mazinger Z using elements from the original manga by Go Nagai as well as his other series like Z Mazinger and Violence Jack. Other elements included the Kedora, a creature originally from Ken Ishikawa's one-shot Mazinger manga and the Energer Z.


Dr. Juzo Kabuto, renowned physicist has uncovered Japanium and the process of creating Photonic Energy beneath Mt. Fuji. He and his associates then start the process of using this to solve the energy crisis while aware of the threat of the nefarious Dr. Hell and his lieutenants in their attempts to use it along with an army of giant robots. Soon Hell begins his attack on the Photon Power Laboratory while Dr. Kabuto works on a countermeasure against Hell. Sending the Pilder to his grandson, Koji Kabuto Dr. Kabuto just stands confident that Koji will prevail with his greatest creation Mazinger Z. Soon the mysterious Kurogane House comes into focus as well as the mystery between the relationship between the mistress Tsubasa Nishikiori and the Kabuto family.


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Shin Mazinger was put on several video on demand services during its release on television by Bandai Channel in Japan. Two DVD boxes and a Blu-Ray box were released later. Shin Mazinger would later be released in a few countries on DVD including Spain and Mexico as Mazinger Edición Z Impacto!, Italy as Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! by Yamato Video, and in America as Shin Mazinger Z Impact! by Discotek Media.

Related Media Edit

The show's first theme song Kanjite Knight was performed by JAM Project and Lazy under their name Ultimate Lazy for Mazinger while modifying some of the song lyrics from one of Lazy's old songs. A typing video game called Mazin Da: Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z-Hen was released as part of the merchandise featuring scenes of the anime.


Planned SequelEdit

Ending in a cliffhanger, Shin Mazinger was originally going to have a sequel featuring the Great Mazinger and the Mycenae Empire. Unfortunately the show did not get high enough ratings or sales merchandise and the sequel plan was shelved.

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