Cover of volume 1

MazinSaga (マジンサーガ) is a manga retelling of Mazinger Z. Compared to Z, this seinen manga has a much more mature and supernatural atmosphere, similar to the Devilman manga. It was discontinued after being published in Weekly Young Jump from 1990 to 1992. A game with a slightly altered story was released in 1993.


University student Koji Kabuto, finds a strange helmet that is the fruit of his late father's research. The helmet, named Z, also called the Armor of God reacts to its user's will and his/her spirit. When Koji wears it, the overwhelming power of Z causes it to violently destroy everything on Earth. After the armageddon, Koji is contacted by the spirit of his father who frees him from Z's influence. Waking up on a colonized Mars after being teleported by Z, Koji encounters Sayaka Yumi who tells him of the problems the colonies are facing. Koji decides to fight with Z to protect the colonies from several threats including the evil God Kaiser Hell.

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