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This wiki is dedicated to the pioneer of modern mecha series, Mazinger Z, and the franchise that it inspired. The entire meta-series has been around for over 40 years, and continues to be a major influence to anime and manga everywhere. While there are are other wikias that feature content from Mazinger Z, they either stopped after a while or go off focusing on other series. To boot, those wikias focus more on the segments that have been shown on TV or what has been written on the English Wikipedia. Currently there is little information on the manga, main and spin-off series on those wikias. However, even with limited resources, we provide the best of what we can offer to users and fans.

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Mazinger Z is a Super Robot series, that is the first of its kind. Not only did it bring a dynamic start of later mecha series but also a new type of main characters such as the protagonist Koji Kabuto and his girlfriend Sayaka Yumi, with their at-the-time abnormal protagonist behaviors. The series follows Koji Kabuto in his battle against the evil Dr. Hell with his grandfather's greatest creation, the Mazinger Z. The series was later followed by Great Mazinger and Grendizer. The popularity of the anime surpassed Go Nagai's earlier famous work, Devilman; with themes such internally piloted mechs, the concept of Super Robots, and opening up new faces for future anime.

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  • Differences between anime and manga.
  • A few likes on the main page to Facebook would be nice for advertisement reasons.
  • More elaborate infoboxes for characters, separate ones that describe the mecha.
  • More than necessary images, we use the switch template to switch between images from the anime and manga. Especially if they are radically different from counterparts.
  • Pages on spin-off or related series, such as the different Mazinkaiser series (OVA, manga, and movie); pages on the several different manga would be a great help.
  • List pages for the Chogokin models can also be added as long as the necessary information is added.
  • Pages detailing episodes of the various anime, and chapters of the various manga.
  • Don't be shy to add to pages or make pages, just follow the policies when you do.
  • We are especially looking for a summary on the rare prequel manga that was released alongside a limited number of the 40th anniversary Chogokin Mazinger Z models.

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