Magla F2
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Magla F2 is a Mechanical Beast connected to Dogla S1 in the original Mazinger Z manga used by Baron Ashura to get the Mazinger.


Magla F2 has a darker body than Dogla. Its face has a visor that goes across the face and a small mouth. It has thin limbs and lances for hands. It has a strangely shaped panel on its chest.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

When combined with Dogla S1, Magla F2 is able to fly with a thruster on its lower body. They are able to separate to battle enemies. Magla uses the lances on its arms for combat.


Baron Ashura came into the Magla and Dogla's hangar planning to use them to battle the Mazinger Z. When his/her plan to capture Koji fails, Baron Ashura sends out the combined robots. They give chase to Koji even when he pilots the Hover Pilder and docks into the Mazinger. The robots separate and attempt to restrain Mazinger, but the robot's immense strength was too much for them and they were forcefully reconnected. They took off and the Mazinger dropped knocking Koji unconscious for a while. As the Mechanical Beasts separated again to pry the Pilder off, the Aphrodite A appears and fights against the Dogla while Magla continued towards the Mazinger. But the Koji regains consciousness and knocks the Magla off balance before crushing its head and body under foot. the Mazinger then uses the survived lance arm to throw it at the Dogla's body, penetrating the robot's body.

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