Lori & Loru
Lori Loru
Kanji N/A
Kana ローリィ、ロール
Gender Female
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Million Alpha
Affiliation Photon Power Laboratory
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor N/A
First Appearance Unknown
Lori & Loru are a pair of twins that were hired by the Photon Power Laboratory to pilot the Million Alpha in the final assault against Dr. Hell.


Lori & Loru are identical twins with short blonde hair and blue eyes. Their clothing consists of white lab coats over tops and skirts, and dark colored boots. This along with their voluptuous appearance, made them somewhat similar to the Gamia Q something that Koji Kabuto and Sayaka Yumi thought when first meeting the twins.


Based on their short amount of screen time Lori & Loru had they are shown to be mild mannered and respectful to Koji and Sayaka.


Prior to joining the Photon Lab, Lori & Loru were racers, something that allowed them to more effectively pilot the Million Alpha in a short amount of time.
Kouji suspicions


As the Mazinger Army was almost finished, Lori & Loru went to Koji and Sayaka. Koji thought they were Gamia Q androids and almost drew his photon gun on them until Sayaka stopped him. The twins had heard about Koji and after seeing him thought he'd make a good racer.

After the Mazinger Army and Venus A were deployed, Lori & Loru had the Million Alpha destroy some the Mechanical Beasts until they were crushed by a Beast from behind.

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