Lorelai Heinrich
Anime - Manga


Kanji N/A
Kana ローレライ・ハインリッヒ
Gender Female
Age (Ageless, Preadolescent appearance)
Robot Herself,

Danube α1‎‎ (manga), Rhine X1 (anime)

Affiliation Dr. Heinrich
Family and Relations Schtroheim Heinrich (Father/Creator)
Voice Actor Rihoko Yoshida
First Appearance Mazinger Z episode 61 (anime)
Lorelai Heinrich is a character who appeared in both the Mazinger Z manga and anime. While initially thought to be the human daughter of Schtroheim Heinrich, she is revealed to be an android and the core component to a special Mechanical Beast created by Dr. Heinrich. Depending on the media, the robot is either Danube α1 (manga) or Rhine X1 (anime).


Lorelai was created by Dr. Heinrich in his plans to perfect his robot after defecting from Dr. Hell. Dr. Heinrich then grew close to the android and decided to raise her as his own daughter. As the years would go by, Dr. Heinrich would keep the truth of Lorelai's origins a secret and would go around the world before going to Japan.


Lorelai has the appearance of a regular pre-teen girl with long blonde hair with a ribbon tied in and blue eyes.


Lorelai has a sweet and loving personality, which makes her a very social person. After first meeting Shiro Kabuto, he became her first friend to whom she got along greatly with; something she thanked Shiro for at her last moments. Lorelai has always loved and respected her creator/father, in spite of his rather scary appearance. After Dr. Heinrich was mortally injured and told Lorelai the truth about her, Lorelai was so upset about his death she decided to integrate with his robot to fulfill her father's wish of being stronger than the Mazinger Z even at the cost of her regular self and potentially killing the Mazinger Z's pilot, Koji Kabuto, who is also Shiro's older brother.


Lorelai has no special abilities aside from the integration with Dr. Heinrich's Mechanical Beast which involves removing the ribbon on her head for her to fly into the human-like face on the robot to fully integrate into the machine, giving it free will and cognition.


Lorelai came as a transfer student to Shiro's elementary school, where Shiro gained an instant crush on her. After walking home with Shiro, she introduces her father to him where he boasts that his robot is superior to the Mazinger Z, which became a heated argument. The next day, as Baron Ashura came to personally take the robot from Dr. Heinrich, the robot was surfaced and Ashura took control of it while knocking away Heinrich. As Lorelai went to her father's side, Dr. Heinrich revealed to Lorelai what she really was and calls her his greatest creation with his dying breath. Lorelai, greatly upset by her father's death integrates with the robot despite Shiro's protests. Now fully integrated, Lorelai swats Baron Ashura away as the Mazinger Z arrives and she attacks it. After a hard battle, Mazinger Z destroys the robot with only a piece of Lorelai's vocal components surviving and playing a song.


Lorelai's name and part in the series comes from the German Poem Die Lorelai by Heinrich Heine.