Kanji 荒神谷
Kana こうじんだに
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged to Elderly)
Robot None
Affiliation WSO,

Skull Force

Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Katsumi Chō
First Appearance Death Caprice
Kojindani is the commander of the Skull Force and a member of WSO.


Chara dtl arakamiya

Kojindani's profile

Kojindani is an olderman with long aged white hair and a beard in a military uniform.


Kojindani is a serious minded individual who is dedicated to keeping the peace on Earth. Should the situation call for it, he will even bend the rules a little like giving top secret information about the Iron Kaiser to a low ranked officer.


Kojindani gave the order for the Skull Force to travel to Machine Island and shut down the Gravity Curtain. Later as it begins to spiral out of control, he and his aide are contacted by Tsubasa Yuki, for information on the cause, Iron Kaiser. While the information was top secret, Kojindani allows Yuki to access it so that the Death Caprice Squad can defeat the Iron Kaiser.

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