King Doublas
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
King Doublas is a powerful Mechanical Beast that appeared in Mazinger Angels, it is a stronger version of the Doublas M2 after many individual models are combined to form the body.


King Doublas is a large bipedal dragon-like Mechanical Beast with three bull-horned heads. Its body is heavily armored and a pair wings extend from the back. The kanji for king is on its chest.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

King Doublas features heat beams that can destroy buildings with ease from many points of its body that is both offensive to attack multiple enemies and provide defense for enemies in close range. King Doublas is able to fly with its wings.


When the core team of the Mazinger Angels had managed to stop the rampage of Minerva X, Dr. Hell unleashed an army of Doublas M2 from the Gool. After the Angels unleashed the Mazinger Blades and destroyed some of the Doublas robots, Dr. Hell gave the command for the remaining Doublas to combine into King Doublas. The King Doublas then used its multi-beam attack to strike at the Mazinger Angels until it was knocked off balance by the Minerva X Sirene Mode's Thunder Breaker and was destroyed by a triple blast of the Oppai Missile System by the MA robots.


  • The name King Doublas is an error as the King Doublas has three heads instead of two like its original counterpart.
  • The King Doublas' name, large wings, and three heads make this Mechanical Beast resemble the Toho kaiju, King Ghidorah.
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