KingDan X10
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI

KingDan X10 was the Mechanical Beast of episode 5 of the Mazinger Z anime. It seems to have some form of sentience as it nods to Baron Ashura command and "laugh" after Koji figured out his plans.


KingDan X10 looks similar to a Viking warrior with a bull horned helmet while wearing centurion battle armor and skirt.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

KingDan X10 is armed with a sword which can be enhanced by electricity and shoot out beams. He can also emit holograms of himself and similar sized objects to trick enemies.


KingDan X10 was used in a plot to destroy Mazinger Z. He fools around with Koji using holograms of Mazinger Z. By doing this Mazinger Z will waste all of his energy attacking. When Mazinger tries to go back to base to recharge Ashura reveals to have taken Boss, Nuke, Mucha, and Shiro hostage. Boss warns Koji of landmines placed by the Ashura Corps. Aphrodite A fell victim to them after accidentally stepping on one. After Mazinger Z disposed of the landmines with its Photon Beam, KingDan steps out to take on Z himself. The King makes more holograms of himself to confuse Mazinger Z. When Koji reveals King will use his powers to bring the public to hate Mazinger Z it "laughed" at him and proceeds to attack.

It shoots a laser from its sword at a cliff and make even more holograms of itself in which they start to surround Mazinger Z and spin in a circle at high speeds. No matter how much Mazinger attacks he is unable to strike at the correct King. When Mazinger finally used up all his energy KingDan energizes his sword with lightning and attacked Mazinger with beams of electricity. Afterwards KingDan continues his assault with his blade on the fallen Mazinger. After enough blows KingDan manage to break Mazinger's right arm. When Ashura commands the final blow, King nods and ready his sword. But at the last minute Mazinger unleashed his Breast Fire melting KingDan until he is nothing but sludge.


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