KingDan X10
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
KingDan X10 is a Mechanical Beast featured in a plot by Baron Ashura to capture Mazinger Z.


KingDan X10 is a humanoid Mechanical Beast dressed in maroon Roman-esque armor. It has a spiked helmet and a sword.

Appearance and EquipmentEdit

KingDan X10 has the same equipment as its counterpart from the original manga, using a sword to slash and bash opponents. It also has a chamber inside its chest to contain hostages.


KingDan was sent to attack Sayaka Yumi in her Aphrodite A, cutting the robot in half and abducting Sayaka by chaining her inside its body. As Koji Kabuto recovers the stolen Mazinger, he battles and destroys several Mechanical Beasts until KingDan arrives with Sayaka inside. Koji is forced to surrender Mazinger and is taken to the Saluud. After being liberated by Boss and co. Koji once again recovers Mazinger and takes down the KingDan. The robot was destroyed along with the Saluud as it self-destructs.

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