KingDan X10
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
 KingDan X10 was one of the five Mechanical Beasts used by Baron Ashura in his attack against Japan, KingDan taking Sayaka Yumi hostage.


KingDan X10 looks similar to a Viking warrior with a bull horned helmet.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

In the manga, the KingDan X10 is armed with a sword and is armed with enough strength to cut the Aphrodite in half. In the manga, it has a compartment which can hold hostages.


KingDan X10 appeared in the original manga where it ambushed Aphrodite A as it went to fight Ghostfire D9, cutting the robot in half with its sword before smashing the cockpit with the Ashura Corps kidnapping its pilot Sayaka Yumi. After the Mazinger Z destroys the Ghostfire D9 and Toros D7, the KingDan X10 appears dragging the remains of the Aphrodite and holding Sayaka hostage in its chest compartment. After Koji Kabuto is brought on the Saluud he recovers the surrendered Mazinger and tears the base apart destroying the KingDan as a result.


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