KingDan X10
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI

KingDan X10 is a Mechanical Beast used by Dr. Hell in a plot to make the Mazinger Angels look like terrorists along with Kajimof T7.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

KingDan resembles its original counterpart as a viking warrior with a large horned helmet and a battle skirt. For combat, KingDan is armed with a sword and possesses combat skills such as disarming an opponent. It is also able to project 3D imagery onto a medium like fog from the projectors in its eyes.

History Edit

KingDan provided the cover of the Ghost Mazinger Angels to frame them for attacks on Tokyo. When they appeared again, the real Mazinger Angels uncovered the ruse by blowing away the fog cast by Kajimof while Minerva X found KingDan. Aphrodite A fought KingDan in combat, and after a surprise move, destroys it with a Rocket Punch Missile.

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