Kenzo Kabuto
Kanji 兜 剣造
Kana かぶと けんぞう
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged)
Robot Created Great Mazinger
Affiliation Science Fortress Laboratory
Family and Relations Juzo Kabuto (Father),

Unnamed Wife, Koji Kabuto (Oldest son), Shiro Kabuto (Youngest son)

First Appearance Unknown

Dr. Kenzo Kabuto is a minor character referenced a few times in Shin Mazinger ZERO and later becomes a major character in Shin Mazinger ZERO vs Great General of Darkness.

Background[edit | edit source]

As Shin Mazinger ZERO spans several alternate realities, Kenzo's story is different for each one. In several, he is said to have died in an accident along with his wife. In some of the realities, he was killed by his father. In another he survived but his son Koji did not. In grief, Kenzo found out about the distortions caused by several models of the Mazinger Z and the Mycenae Empire. He built the Great Mazinger to combat them and ensure other realities' Koji does not succumb to the effects of the Mazinger.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Dr. Kabuto resembles his original counterpart though in his initial appearance he has a scar going down his right eye and is blind on said eye. With his reappearance, he lacks the scar and blind eye. He wears a lab coat that covers his entire upper body along with pants that hide his mechanical frame.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kenzo was a caring father figure who wanted to help his family through the thick and thin.

Abilities and Equipment[edit | edit source]

Dr. Kabuto, much like his father was a renowned scientist in robotics. Using schematics of the Mazinger Z, he made the Great Mazinger, a robot with superior armor and base weaponry. He also piloted the robot for a while but was unable to use its full capabilities.

History[edit | edit source]

In several of realities, Kenzo was said to be dead including being killed by his father Juzo. His head was even used as a trophy for Juzo when introducing himself to Koji and Sayaka. Koji was angry at this revelation which further strove him to fight his grandfather. In the following reality, Kenzo was said to have died in an accident.

By the time the Mycenae Empire had surfaced, an alternate Kenzo had appeared piloting the Great Mazinger. Explaining to Koji that the version of his son was dead, he told everyone not to mobilize the Mazinger for 24 hours. The time was to train Tetsuya Tsurugi to effectively pilot the Great. However, the Empire's attacks lead by the Great General of Darkness put the Photon Lab at a disadvantage. Tetsuya had deployed the Great to fight even though his training was incomplete. After the Great assumed its Great Mazinkaiser form to fight Mazinger ZERO which resulted in the disappearance of both Mazigner and Koji, it is revealed that because of piloting the Great that Kenzo was forced to build a cyborg body and clone Tetsuya numerous times.

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