Kajimof T7
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Kajimof T7 is a Mechanical Beast under Dr. Hell in Mazinger Angels. It worked alongside KingDan X10 in order to make the Mazinger Angels look like criminals.


Kajimof resembles its original counterpart given its body in the shape of an old styled telephone with a head attached to a neck extending out of its body below a missile launcher decorated with a pair of horns. This iteration however has four fingers instead of three.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Kajimof possesses some of the same weaponry as its original counterpart such as the missile launcher and resistance to projectiles. Unique to it, is the ability to project an artificial fog that can cover its appearance and with the KingDan's image projections can create realistic illusions. Some of its missiles include a snake-like missile that attaches to the chests of the Angels' robots to prevent them from using the OPM.


Kajimof provided the fog for an image projections of the Ghost Angels in order to make it look like the Mazinger Angels attacked Tokyo. When the real Angels confronted them during a second time, they blew away the fog revealing Kajimof. It fought against the Angels by using missiles that kept them from using their OPM. However, Diana A managed to reuse its missiles to launch the Pink Rose Missile that disrupts the radio signals that guide Kajimof's attack. With it, the Mechanical Beasts missiles are used against it.

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