Jetfire P1
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Garada K7, Doublas M2, Baron Ashura

Jetfire P1 is pilotable Mechanical Beast modeled after Baron Ashura.


Jetfire P1 resembles a large but chibi version of Baron Ashura having a seemingly plump body and puffy face but disproportionate limbs. It features the same hood (with added bear ear-like features) and facial appearance as Ashura but with purple lipstick around the lips. As Jetfire P2, it lost its torso and hood, becoming a head with its limbs attached and a windshield attached to it while barely kept together with its parts.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Jetfire P1 mainly makes use of its extendable arms to grab, grasp, and hit targets. It is able to fly through rockets on its feet. It possesses strong armor that is able to resist beams and high voltage electricity. It also possesses beam weapons that shoot out of its eyes or a charged energy blast shot from the mouth that is activated by a trigger. It's only weakness was its time and use for the trial and full versions of its software as well as when its mouth is open.


Jetfire P1 was supplied to Garada and Doublas by Archduke Gorgon to cheer up Baron Ashura after she was dismissed from duty and to finally defeat the Robot Girls. After confronting the girls, Jetfire was used to humiliate the girls by stripping them down to their underwear and beating them senselessly. Before the final blow could be made, the trial version gave out and by the time the full version of the software was being downloaded, Z-chan shot her Rocket Punch into its mouth as it was sent into the distance. It reappeared two episodes later as the Jetfire P2 with Ashura's wedding funds to repair it but was quickly swat down by Great General of Darkness-ko. Mycenae-tan attempted to escape in it but the damaged P2 was shot upward and exploded like fireworks.

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