Jenoba M9
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI

Jenoba M9 the is a Mechanical Beast in Mazinkaiser.

Appearance & Abilities Edit

Out of all Mechanical Beasts Jenoba has the most humanoid appearance. Its body has a lean but muscular build. The body is mostly white with blue colored forearm, legs, & stomach. The pelvis area is color black with belt like structure around the waist giving it a wrestler look. It has a sniper rifle to pick off targets in the distance. Its no slouch in melee as it used some martial arts on Great Mazinger.

History Edit

On the second attack on Tokyo Jenoba was one of the many Mecha Beasts that was chosen in the assault. When the Photon Lab Robots came to stop Jenoba joined the bombardment with his rifle with Genocider F9 standing on top with Gool. When Great Mazinger was weaken Jenoba surprised him with a flying kick. When Mazinkaiser came to save the day Jenoba was the few that was hit with Rust Tornado.


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