Jeiser J1
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Jeiser J1 is a Mechanical Beast used by Count Brocken in his plan of vengeance against the Mazinger Angels.


Jeiser J1 resembles its counterpart from the original anime, having three human-like heads with horns sprouting out of a turtle-like shell that features a fan underneathe.


Jeiser J1 mainly serves as a mode of transportation and carrying luggage on its back, even a robot of comparable size to it.


Jeiser J1 appeared alongside Demos F3 after Yubrin T9 destroyed the MA base. Brocken stepped out of an opening on the Jeiser and announced his plan before having Jeiser carry a struck down Minerva X on its back before taking to his base on the island cover of the Saluud. It was brought out again after the Angels reclaimed their robots but was easily destroyed after Minerva used its Thunder Breaker and the other robots finished them off with a triple missile attack.

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