Japanium is a fictional element existing in the Mazinger Series. It is the prime ingredient in creating Super Alloy Z.


Japanium was formed when a meteor collided into Mt. Fuji. The minerals within the meteor mixed with the elements in the mountain creating a new element. A mining expedition headed by Professor Juzo Kabuto discovered the element where the professor named it after the country it originated in. The professor would then use this new element to create the ultra durable Super Alloy Z.


While little is known about it, Japanium is noted to be even stronger and more durable than steel. The chemical changes, also give off Photonic Energy. It were these properties that allowed Super Alloy Z to gain its famous qualities among others.

Trivia Edit

  • In December 2015, one of the proposed names for the synthetic element, 113, is Japanium (or Japonium) before it was settled on as Nihonium.
  • In real life physics and chemistry, the closest elements the fictional Japanium can be is carbon for its molecular bonding properties, aluminum for its durability and lightness, and a low number of elements for its properties in the emission spectrum to produce photonic energy.
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