Mazinger Infinity
Composition N/A
Power Source Gragon / Goragon
Pilot LISA
Dr. Hell
Great Mazinger/Tetsuya Tsurugi
Dimensions Height: 600m
Notable moves Breast Inferno
Missile Cyclone
Infinity is a gigantic megastructure found inside Mt. Fuji thought to come from an ancient yet advanced civilization. By all accounts it serves a similar role to the modern day Mazinger robots. It serves as the central plot element of Mazinger Z: Infinity.

Appearance Edit


Infinity towering over Ichinana (Type 17)

Infinity is a gigantic robotic megastructure with a frame and build similar to the Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger, complete with heat sink panels on its chest, a mouth grill, spikes on the sides of its head, black armored limbs, white sections, and a crown decorating the top

Compared to its more modern counterparts, Infinity is much larger, standing nearly as tall as a skyscraper. Its legs are also much bulkier to hold up its mass as well as broad shoulders. On its lower back resembles a cape that separates. On Infinity's chest are speakers beneath its heat panels.

Abilities and Equipment Edit


Infinity charging and firing Breast Inferno.

Infinity is built with ancient yet advanced technology, including a stasis field that preserves inhabitants like LISA. Infinity is stated to possess unlimited potential, including an ultimate weapon called Goragon, which is said to be able to reshape the world albeit requiring either LiSA or Great Mazinger as a 'key' of sorts. It is also able to use a powerful Breast Fire attack called Breast Inferno.

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